Revamping, modification and enhancement of Qom WWTP no.2

construction and procurement, transportation and installation of mechanical equipment related to the civil section of the project for the improvement and optimization of waste water treatment plant No. 2 in Qom

Operation and maintenance of Shahre-Qods WWTP

operation and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant in the city of Qods with a biowalak system with a design capacity of 28750 cubic meters per day and the protection and protection of all plant and equipment for the treatment plant and performing all public services of the treatment plant

Operation and maintenance of Yazd WWTP

Operation and maintenance operation of SBR type SBR wastewater treatment plant and sludge treatment by aerobic digestion along with supplies of machinery and components and consumables including the basic operation of all mechanical and electrical equipment and instruments, and the control and monitoring of each individual Process units and the entire refinery

Renovation of sludge treatment units of Bandar Abbas WWTP

Operation of sludge section reconstruction and loading and commissioning of anaerobic digesters of Bandar Abbas wwtp

remaining operations of Bandar Abbas WWTP

 Implementation of the remaining operations of Bandar Abbas sewage treatment plant
maintenance of events of all facilities, equipment and installations of pumping stations of transmission lines, storage tanks, distribution network and water branching. All water quality and sanitation services in areas covered by water and wastewater affairs of West Bandar Abbas

Operation and maintenance of Qom WWTP NO.3

Operation and maintenance of refineries sewage of Qom 
 Maintenance, operation and repair of Qom Sewage Immediate Emergency Wastewater Treatment Plant and First Module of Qom Wastewater Treatment Plant - Located at the end of Noqtar Road - Repairs of Sewage Pumping Station Nos. 1 and 2 - Located on Noqatar Road - and Pumping Station No. 3 - located in Jamkaran
* Urgent Urgent Purification Plant with Aeration Capacity 110,000
* The first module of a sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 250 thousand people
* Conventional Aromatic Activated Sludge Process Extensive

Operation and maintenance of Bandar Abbas WWTP

 Operation, maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment plant of  Bandar Abbas  
operation, maintenance and repair of sludge section and mechanical dewatering unit of sludge
(Filter Blot Press) Sewage Treatment Plant in Bandar Abbas and West Pumping Station
* Purification system as active sludge - Complete mixing - With 205 liters of sewage per capita
* The total area of the treatment plant (facilities) is 8 hectares and (total) 30 hectares
* Covered population with 320,000 people
Average capacity: 117504 cubic meters per day
* Input average of 4896 cubic meters per hour and intake flow up to 6696 cubic meters per hour "

Operation and maintenance of Zahedan WWTP

 Management, operation and maintenance of the first module of the refinery Sewage City of Zahedan 
Management, operation and maintenance of the first module of wastewater treatment plant in Zahedan with active sludge and pumping station of Shirabad along with removal of phosphorus and nitrogen

Maintenance and operation of Sanandaj WTTP

   operation of Sanandaj Wastewater Treatment Plant
The projects includes  operation, maintenance and repair of Sanandaj Wastewater Treatment Plant, including all electromechanical, mechanical, electrical, 
instrumentation and control of the liquid treatment unit, part of the sludge section of the refinery, the Roman control, the water site, the heating system engine And related offices, the electricity supply line to the refinery as well as the cleaning of the premises and the maintenance of green spaces "

Operation and maintenance of Shiraz WWTP

Operation and maintenance of the first phase of Shiraz sewage treatment plant
Operation and maintenance of 20 hectares of Shiraz wastewater treatment plant including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control facilities in accordance with the technical regulations of the wastewater treatment plant, including all electromechanical equipment and related offices.