operation and maintenance of Karaj WTP

operation and maintenance of Karaj water treatment plant and equipment 
Perform all maintenance and operation services of the facilities and equipment of the wtp number 1 with the capacity of 8,000,000 cubic meters per year and the wtp number 2 with a capacity of 47,000,000,000 cubic meters per year

,operation and maintenance of Pardis WTP ,pump station felman wells anad main water pipeline from Latian dam

Outsourcing of all management services, operation, maintenanceof pumping stations of Lotyan dam to Pardis water treatment plant
Maintenance and operation of the Campus water treatment plant with a nominal capacity of 500 to 850 liters per second, Tian dam basin pumping stations, transmission lines, storage tanks and pumping stations between the three ways and the wells of the Jajrood River

operation and maintenance of Karaj to Tehran facilities main water supply pipeline

 Maintenance services, pipe repairs and installations of steel and concrete lines of Karaj water to Tehran
maintenance services, pipe repairs, installations and splits of steel lines, concrete raw water and rebuilding of lines and branches, landscaping and rebuilding of the
relevant buildings from the reservoir of Bilaghan to the 108th hut and the refinery, along with the supply of tools for machinery and all fittings And Karaj water
supply lines to Tehran


Operation, maintenance and repairment of pump station ,pipeline ,storage tanks, distrubion network and branching

  Operation, maintenance and repair of all facilities and equipment of West Bandar Abbas
maintenance of events of all facilities, equipment and installations of pumping stations of transmission lines, storage tanks, distribution network and water branching.All water quality and sanitation services in areas covered by water and wastewater affairs of West Bandar Abbas

Operation, Maintenance and Maintenance of Rasht WTP

Operation, Maintenance and Maintenance of the Great Water Treatment Plant in Gilan Province

* Located 25 km south-east of Rasht city and adjacent to the canal of the barracks
* Start of the operation phase of a refinery since 1378
* Maximum suspended material inputs of raw water can be purified between 15000-2000ppm.
* Refined water capacity of 260,000 cubic meters per day
* The hydraulic inlet capacity of the refinery is equivalent to 378 cubic meters per second
* The average potable water produced is 3 cubic meters per second 

Operation, Maintenance of Tehran WTP NO7

Operation, Maintenance and Maintenance of Seventh Water Treatment Plant in Tehran

 repair and maintenance of seventh water treatment plant in Mamlu district

With a capacity of 2.5 cubic meters per second

Operation and Maintenance of Golestan water supply network & connections

Outsourcing part of the Golestan Water Supply Activities
Geolocation of Golestan city at 27 km of Tehran-Saveh road
* The population of this city is 330,000 and the number of water consumers is 49,000
* Performing the operation of water supply facilities (wells, transmission lines, tanks, pumping stations and all equipment), and the facilities of the transmission lines and distribution network (pipes and all valves, barometers and equipment), as well as the operation of the pipe Placing and installing splits as capital goods "

Operation & Maintenance of Kawthar main water supply & lateral Pipelines

Operation, maintenance and maintenance of Kosar pipeline

Operation, maintenance, repairs and physical protection of main and 
secondary transmission lines from Kowsar Dam in Kohkilouyeh 
and Boyerahmad province to Akhtar reservoir in south of Bushehr province, 437 km long with steel pipes between 1800 and 1400 mm

Operation, maintenance, repairs of the Bazman water pipeline

Operation, maintenance, repairs of the Bazman water pipeline
Operation and maintenance from the beginning of the water inlet to the pump unit of Semsour plain and along the pipeline route of approximately 45 km and the pump platform
facilities along this route and at the exit from the storage area of 1000 cubic meters of storage located in Our city ends.

Operation & Maintenance of Taleqan water supply network and connections


Maintenance and repairs of the Taleghan water network and water divisions
  Implementation of network maintenance and repairs, visits (patrols) of

 wells and reservoirs, operators of water supply facilities, chlorination, disinfection of the areas under responsibility of Abfa