Operation & Maintenance of Bandar Abbas WWTP

Project management, operation, maintenance and repair of all facilities,equipment and general services of water treatment plant of BandarAbbas

 The nominal capacity of this refinery is 1 m3 / s which is practically used up to a capacity of 0.9 m3 per second

* The second phase of the treatment plant with a nominal capacity of 2 cubic meters per second and, in special circumstances, is up to

2.4cubic meters per second

* Located 7 km away from Bandar Abbas-Minab road east of Bandar Abbas

Ownership of land with an area of about 11.5 hectares and a size of 250 * 460 meters

operation of the desalination unit of Bandar Abbas

 operation of the desalination unit of Bandar Abbas 
  project includes repair, maintenance and operation of the MED2000 water desalination unit, including a desalination plant, a water catchment, two boiler
  installations,facilities,laboratory and all related equipment, such as an old and new pump platform which prepared on the  Rocky dock platform.
* Located at 13 km of Shahid Rajaee Wharf

Operation & Maintenance of Laamerd & Mehr main pipeline & pump stations

 Operation and maintenance of the water supply line to Lamard and Mehr from the Muharram line
  operation and maintenance of the two units of the pump station for the water supply line to Lamerd and Mehr from Muharram
Range of operations from two units of the Parsian Pumping Station located in the Parsian Road to Lamard and Lamard Pumping Station in Lamard City

Installation of supplemental equipment, Operation & Maintenance of Larestan WTP

  Larestan water treatment plant 

Operation, maintenance and repair of main and secondary transmission lines from Salman Farsi dam, reservoirs and related facilities

refineries and pumping stations and craters for water supply to Fathabad, Khenj, Oz, Grass, Lar and the villages connected to the line
Capacity 1 cubic meter per second * located in Ghir